The Siege EP

by Fallen From the Stars

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The first EP from Fallen From the Stars. These songs tell a story of a kingdom in turmoil and the army that fought to end it all. Take a journey through a foreign land - hear the tale of a crumbled empire.


released December 25, 2016

All songs written and performed by Kyle Catalano



all rights reserved


Fallen From the Stars Livonia, Michigan

Fallen From the Stars is a piano led instrumental rock band from Michigan. Currently the band is just me, Kyle Catalano. Hope you like what you hear!

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Track Name: Shadows of Dawn
The sun crept over the horizon a dull ball of orange, growing brighter with each passing minute. This was the morning, the morning that meant change was coming to the kingdom. Minutes from now men would be taking up arms, fastening final bits of armor in place, and taking place atop horses, ready for a battle that decided the fate of many. Every warrior had a different image in mind, a different reason they were bold enough to face the battlefield. For some it was a loved one, be it a brother, father, sister, mother or spouse. They were fighting to make sure that those close to them could live to see another day - and to make those days less miserable than the past decades had been. Others wanted their own glory and fame, to have their name remembered in legends as a warrior who fought bravely for his people. Songs of heroes past rang through their heads, replacing the old names with their own. Others still wanted to fight for riches, claims to land that they could never have otherwise. Many thoughts were swirling through the heads of many soldiers on this morning, the light peaking playfully over the horizon, tendrils of shadow shrinking as it washed across the landscape.
Track Name: Siberian Rainstorm
The army had been marching for a few days already with a few more left to go before they reached their destination. Luck had been in their favor so far, no groups of marauders looking for loot, no large creatures attacking them and the road was well tended, easy for the horses and wagons to traverse. Of course, luck always turns when you get to used to life being easy. The large caravan had stopped to make a camp for the night, choosing to stay in a sizable field just off the main road. Hundreds of tents spotted the terrain like freckles on the green cheeks of the earth. Several fires remained across the expanse of grass, some still alive, flaming tongues lashing at the night air, others containing only embers. After the last soldiers ducked away to comfort, the night guards found their places and began the tedious work of looking for any danger in the darkness.

Evenings were usually a quiet event, a fox might come into view every now and then but one look could send them running in the opposite direction. As the first hour of watch came to a close one of the guards felt a sudden chill in the air. A shiver shook his body from head to toe as a light breeze began to blow across the camp. Tents began billowing in the wind, it's strength increasing, creating a symphony of flapping cloth in the otherwise silent night. Moments later and the wind itself was singing, a song of warning. The guards knew what was coming but it was far too late to prepare correctly. Horns blared at each corner of the camp, a low deep tone that shook across the land like thunder. Men began to stir in the tents as the call rang out, a call that meant only one thing - a storm was coming.
Track Name: Crystalline Caves
The storm had not been kind to the army. Horses and men had been lost during the downpour. Countless supplies had gone along with them. Normally a storm might not be so damaging but this one had been mighty. Before most men could wake the winds were blowing their tents away, acting as a natural wake up call. Soldiers stumbled through the gust filled air towards horses, some of which had already run away afraid of the oncoming storm. That’s when the torrent of rain drops began to fall from above. The soft earth underneath them quickly turned into a large field of mud. Winds whipped mud and grass about in a whirlwind, temporarily blinding soldiers who were looking for cover or higher ground. By the time the storm subsided only half of the army remained and only a third of the horses. Few wagons had made it through the night, most lying in pieces across the muddy earth.

Day broke and the army began collecting what remained of supplies. With only a handful of horses to carry supplies, soldiers began carrying everything they could. It was only a few hours before they had salvaged what they could and decided to continue onward. Just as the storm had not treated the army kindly, it didn’t show the road much mercy. What had been a well tended guide toward their destination was now a trench of grass and mud. Rocks that had outlined the road lay strewn about in every different direction, no longer conveying a path that made any sense. After much deliberation the army decided to stay on higher ground, aiming for the mountains between them and the capital. Having fewer men and no wagons made it possible to get through the ice caverns carved out inside the body of the mountain range. However, this didn’t mean it would be easy...